Data dissemination

Originality and quality of the dataset

Our mass cytometry dataset is composed of macaque blood samples collected at steady state, before or long after immunization, outnumbered by samples collected very early after immunization, during acute inflammation.

To ensure a high quality of the dataset, we controlled the quality of each staining and acquisition and their reproducibility. We used the same batches of antibody all along the longitudinal study and we included the same two control samples each time to allow us to exclude samples or markers from the analysis because of a batch effect.

Data accessibility

We provide full access to our mass cytometry data here (pre-processed and processed data).

Data are also available from Flowrepository (ID FR-FCM-ZYPY) , which also provides full experimental and acquisition metadata.

#sample nameanimal IDtimepointFCSnumber of events
1BPD019H00_BB078BB078D19BP BPD019H00_BB078.fcs 115,117
2BPD019H00_BB231BB231D19BP BPD019H00_BB231.fcs 84,527
3BPD019H00_BC641BC641D19BP BPD019H00_BC641.fcs 101,816
4BPD019H00_BD620BD620D19BP BPD019H00_BD620.fcs 67,316
5PPD000H00_BB078BB078H00PP PPD000H00_BB078.fcs 74,607
6PPD000H00_BB231BB231H00PP PPD000H000_BB231.fcs 93,135
7PPD000H00_BD620BD620H00PP PPD000H00_BD620.fcs 67,358
8PPD000H03_BB078BB078 H00PPPPD000H03_BB078.fcs 178,094
9PPD000H03_BB231BB231 H00PPPPD000H03_BB231.fcs 153,506
10PPD000H03_BC641BC641H00PP PPD000H03_BC641.fcs 135,239
11PPD000H03_BD620BD620H00PPPPD000H03_BD620.fcs 120,086
12PPD000H06_BB078BB078H00PPPPD000H06_BB078.fcs 163,789
13PPD000H06_BB231BB231H00PPPPD000H06_BB231.fcs 228,105
14PPD000H06_BC641BC641H00PPPPD000H06_BC641.fcs 172,985
15PPD000H06_BD620BD620H00PPPPD000H06_BD620.fcs 93,624
16PPD001H00_BB078BB078D01PP PPD001H00_BB078.fcs 170,962
17PPD001H00_BB231BB231D01PP PPD001H00_BB231.fcs 220,444
18PPD001H00_BC641BC641D01PP PPD001H00_BC641.fcs 150,975
19PPD001H00_BD620BD620D01PP PPD001H00_BD620.fcs 135,219
20PPD003H00_BB078BB078D03PP PPD003H00_BB078.fcs 191,831
21PPD003H00_BB231BB231D03PP PPD003H00_BB231.fcs 143,861
22PPD003H00_BC641BB231D03PP PPD003H00_BC641.fcs 143,861
23PPD014H00_BB078BB078D14PP PPD014H00_BB078.fcs 188,553
24PPD014H00_BB231BB231D14PP PPD014H00_BB231.fcs 155,249
25PPD014H00_BC641BC641D14PP PPD014H00_BC641.fcs 192,715
26PPD014H00_BD620BD620D14PP PPD014H00_BD620.fcs 123,768
27PBD000H00_BB078BB078H00PB PBD000H00_BB078.fcs 170,024
28PBD000H00_BB231BB231H00PB PBD000H00_BB231.fcs 222,997
29PBD000H00_BD620BD620H00PB PBD000H00_BD620.fcs 149,477
30PBD000H03_BB078BB078H03PB PBD000H03_BB078.fcs 243,760
31PBD000H03_BB231BB231H03PB PBD000H03_BB231.fcs 310,251
32PBD000H03_BC641BC641H03PB PBD000H03_BC641.fcs 96,078
33PBD000H06_BB078BB078H06PB PBD000H06_BB078.fcs 206,027
34PBD000H06_BB231BB231H06PB PBD000H06_BB231.fcs 330,010
35PBD000H06_BC641BC641H06PB PBD000H06_BC641.fcs 264,225
35PBD000H06_BD620BD620H06PB PBD000H06_BD620.fcs 171,421
37PBD001H00_BB078BB078D01PB PBD001H00_BB078.fcs 299,428
38PBD001H00_BB231BB231D01PB PBD001H00_BB231.fcs 282,710
39PBD001H00_BC641BC641D01PB PBD001H00_BC641.fcs 359,989
40PBD001H00_BD620BD620D01PB PBD001H00_BD620.fcs 151,180
41PBD003H00_BB078BB078D03PB PBD003H00_BB078.fcs 106,990
42PBD003H00_BB231BB231D03PB PBD003H00_BB231.fcs 191,831
43PBD003H00_BD620BD620D03PB PBD003H00_BD620.fcs 143,661
Cytometry data were processed as followed. They were normalized using Rachel Finck’s MATLAB normalizer. Replicates were concatenated using the FCS file concatenation tool from Cytobank. Using Cytobank, Four-Element Calibration Beads were excluded by manual gating. Singlets were selected on an Ir191 (DNA intercalator)/cell_length bivariate plot. Finally, cells were gated on a CD66/CD3 bivariate plot after exclusion of the contaminated double positive cells (likely eosinophils). The number of cells per sample analyzed after these pre-processing steps is indicated. Samples were given a name, which includes the timepoint of blood collection and specifies the number of days (D) and hours (H) before or after immunization, as well as the macaque ID. BP is for before prime; PP for post-prime and PB for post-boost.