Innate skin DNA-vaccine reponses

Goal of this website

This website is complementary to a peer-reviewed scientific publication showing that a combined stimulation of the immune response, in which electroporation and the auxoGTUmultiSIV vaccine triggered different components of the innate immunity, led to strong and persistent cellular recall responses.

Through the IDMIT data dissemination platform, we give full access to the transcriptomics data to allow readers to re-use, re-explore or analyze deeper genes of interest.

Overview of the project

We previously demonstrated that intradermal auxoGTUmultiHIV DNA vaccination in combination with EP enhances polyfunctional CD4 and CD8 T-cell responses in NHPs (Martinon et al. 2009). We showed that EP affects the localization and intensity of vaccine antigen production in the skin (Todorova, Adam, et al. 2017; Martinon et al. 2009) and enhances the LC mobility, facilitating their interaction with vaccine-antigen-expressing cells and their departure from the epidermis (Todorova, Adam, et al. 2017). Here, we investigated the early cellular and molecular events that occur after intradermal administration of the auxoGTUmultiSIV vaccine combined with EP. We show that both the auxoGTUmultiSIV DNA vaccine and EP induced local inflammation. We characterized the soluble factors produced in the local microenvironment and the expression of genes involved in the innate immune response. These early events may participate in the adaptive T-cell responses induced by this vaccination strategy.