Data dissemination

Normalized transcriptomics data

Transcriptomic signals were background corrected using the Robust Multi-array Average (RMA) method and quantile-normalized.

# sample name treatment timepoint animal ID file
1 baseline_D0_BM286 baseline D0 BM286 baseline_D0_BM286.txt
2 DNA/EP_D1_BM286 DNA/EP D1 BM286 DNAEP_D1_BM286.txt
3 PBS/EP_D1_BM286 PBS/EP D1 BM286 PBSEP_D1_BM286.txt
4 DNA/EP_D3_BM286 DNA/EP D3 BM286 DNAEP_D3_BM286.txt
5 PBS/EP_D3_BM286 PBS/EP D3 BM286 PBSEP_D3_BM286.txt
6 DNA/EP_D8_BM286 DNA/EP D8 BM286 DNAEP_D8_BM286.txt
7 PBS/EP_D8_BM286 PBS/EP D8 BM286 PBSEP_D8_BM286.txt
8 baseline_D0_BM380 baseline D0 BM380 baseline_D0_BM380.txt
9 PBS/EP_D1_BM380 PBS/EP D1 BM380 PBSEP_D1_BM380.txt
10 DNA/EP_D3_BM380 DNA/EP D3 BM380 DNAEP_D3_BM380.txt
11 PBS/EP_D3_BM380 PBS/EP D3 BM380 PBSEP_D3_BM380.txt
12 DNA/EP_D8_BM380 DNA/EP D8 BM380 DNAEP_D8_BM380.txt
13 PBS/EP_D8_BM380 PBS/EP D8 BM380 PBSEP_D8_BM380.txt
14 baseline_D0_BM386 baseline D0 BM386 baseline_D0_BM386.txt
15 DNA/EP_D1_BM386 DNA/EP D1 BM386 DNAEP_D1_BM386.txt
16 PBS/EP_D1_BM386 PBS/EP D1 BM386 PBSEP_D1_BM386.txt
17 PBS/EP_D3_BM386 PBS/EP D3 BM386 PBSEP_D3_BM386.txt
18 DNA/EP_D8_BM386 DNA/EP D8 BM386 DNAEP_D8_BM386.txt
19 PBS/EP_D8_BM386 PBS/EP D8 BM386 PBSEP_D8_BM386.txt
20 baseline_D0_BM387 baseline D0 BM387 baseline_D0_BM387.txt
21 DNA/EP_D1_BM387 DNA/EP D1 BM387 DNAEP_D1_BM387.txt
22 PBS/EP_D1_BM387 PBS/EP D1 BM387 PBSEP_D1_BM387.txt
23 DNA/EP_D3_BM387 DNA/EP D3 BM387 DNAEP_D3_BM387.txt
24 PBS/EP_D3_BM387 PBS/EP D3 BM387 PBSEP_D3_BM387.txt
25 DNA/EP_D8_BM387 DNA/EP D8 BM387 DNAEP_D8_BM387.txt
26 PBS/EP_D8_BM387 PBS/EP D8 BM387 PBSEP_D8_BM387.txt
27 baseline_D0_BM406 baseline D0 BM406 baseline_D0_BM406.txt
28 DNA/EP_D1_BM406 DNA/EP D1 BM406 DNAEP_D1_BM406.txt
29 PBS/EP_D1_BM406 PBS/EP D1 BM406 PBSEP_D1_BM406.txt
30 DNA/EP_D3_BM406 DNA/EP D3 BM406 DNAEP_D3_BM406.txt
31 PBS/EP_D3_BM406 PBS/EP D3 BM406 PBSEP_D3_BM406.txt
32 DNA/EP_D8_BM406 DNA/EP D8 BM406 DNAEP_D8_BM406.txt
33 PBS/EP_D8_BM406 PBS/EP D8 BM406 PBSEP_D8_BM406.txt
34 baseline_D0_X30460 baseline D0 X30460 baseline_D0_X30460.txt
35 DNA/EP_D1_X30460 DNA/EP D1 X30460 DNAEP_D1_X30460.txt
36 PBS/EP_D1_X30460 PBS/EP D1 X30460 PBSEP_D1_X30460.txt
37 DNA/EP_D3_X30460 DNA/EP D3 X30460 DNAEP_D3_X30460.txt
38 PBS/EP_D3_X30460 PBS/EP D3 X30460 PBSEP_D3_X30460.txt
39 DNA/EP_D8_X30460 DNA/EP D8 X30460 DNAEP_D8_X30460.txt
40 PBS/EP_D8_X30460 PBS/EP D8 X30460 PBSEP_D8_X30460.txt